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Choose Your Mentorship Package

  • 6weeks to 6 figures

    Every week
    Special monthly payment plan
    Valid for 7 weeks
    • 6 week program learn how to find deals
    • put properties under contract and resell for larger profits
    • create free leads
    • learn how to profit off land deals
    • Access to weekly QnAs
    • get access to me for personalized deal help
  • 1 ON 1

    Every month
    Perfect for those with capital looking to buy !
    Valid for 4 months
    • Get monthly foreclosure lists in 3 Ga counties
    • learn Tax lien and Tax deed investing strategies
    • learn to asses property before buying at the auction
    • lets partner in your state and go after the best deals
    • register and buy auction property
    • learn how to analyze profitable deals vs dead ones
    • get the legal documents and scripts you need to close
    • learn how to rent and cashflow
    • one on one coaching
    • Get business funding /credit assessment
    • Get monthly foreclosure Auction List
    • Get airbnb financing for your rentals
    • fix and flip financing
    • Exclusive deal Access
    • Investment group Access
    • Visit project sites
  • Deed Flip

    learn the real Power of how to use this document
    • Ill show you how to get cheap deals
    • show you the true power of the deed
    • show you the power of subject 2 deals
    • sell deals for large profits
    • leads course
  • Wholesaler 101

    perfect for those who want Mentorship on their own time
    Valid for one year
    • weekly group coaching sessions
    • learn at your own pace
    • joint venture on deals together
    • I will hold your hand to ensure your successful
    • access to scripts templates and contracts
  • Organic lead creator

    learn how to create leads for free
    Valid for one year
    • find motivated sellers
    • learn how to capitalize off different leads
    • learn how to find pre foreclosures
    • learn different lead types
    • create organic leads for free that create consistent income
  • Land Profits

    Every month
    learn how to profit from land and zoning
    Valid for 2 months
    • unique stratigies
    • buy land for cheap
    • build your portfolio
    • sell to builders
    • learn contracts
  • Property Locator

    Every month
    Access my automated driving 4 dollars systems
    • Joint venture get the help you need to get to closing
    • put in the leg work let us help you finish
    • learn while you earn
    • must bring 10 or more potential deals to the table
    • get finder fees
    • Get access to periodic master minds & QnAs
  • Continued Education

    Every month
    for my existing customers who want on going education
    • Access to continued education
    • access to exclusive live master classes
    • get access to deal help
    • get access to lender and credit building strategies
  • Renovate Right

    perfect fro those who want to fix and flip
    • How To Leverage Land

      • Get started Leveraging Real Estate
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