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Gia The House Goddes,
Entrepreneur & Real Estate Consultant

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Make Your Vision a Reality

My name is Gia Harris and I am a full-time Real Estate Investor.

I was once just like you, I had a burning desire to become a successful real estate investor but didn't have any cash or credit and wasn't sure about the right way to start. All I knew was I didn't want to work a 9 to 5 all my life and had a hunch Real Estate Investing was the way to obtain financial freedom.



Unfortunately, rather than having a mentor to guide me, the school of the hard knocks taught me through trial error, after a season of challenges and losses/lessons . Success hasn't come easy. I've had to overcome hurdles but I must say I wouldn't change my past if I could. I was able to turn my trials into triumphs and now it's my testimony in which I intend to give others inspiration, hope, and motivation. If I can do it so can you!  I have been investing in real estate for nearly 13 years but the last 4 years, have been the most successful. Since discovering the recipe for acquiring Real Estate Riches,

I have created a nice living working for myself and built a small real estate empire starting with only $60 bucks to my name. Real Estate Investing has allowed me opportunities I never imagined. The very first deal I made $25,000 and never looked back! My very first year I was able to leverage multiple properties at a time to a Hefty 6ix figure salary. I want my story to be an inspiration for others. I am proof that no matter how bad your situation may seem; with resilience determination and drive it can drastically change very quickly. I am living proof! 

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