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From Wholesaling properties to educational resources on every other real estate investing topic. The way to financial success in real estate investing starts here!

Investment Workshops

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Online, and In Person series of Advanced Real Estate Investment Resources and tools to create wealth and produce lasting results!

Upcoming Events with Gia

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Be on the lookout for the Opportunity Zone Events that I am currently developing. Sign up today to get a spot. You dont want to miss this check! 


Covering all business related subjects that I have used myself or have had the pleasure of reading or writing myself. 

Fix and Flip / Personal Funding

Obtain unsecured funding through The House Goddess. Qualified clients are able to obtain up to $400,000 for business or personal use.  Our loans are credit and income based, unsecured, with no collateral required. With a minimum 660 credit score and verifiable income, our clients can receive $20,000 - $400,000 in cash for Down Payment/Closing Costs on Real Estate Investment projects, Business start-up, Franchise investment, Working Capital, Medical, Legal, and more.

Credit Repair

I made some very valuable relationships in my time as a real estate investor. As well I want you to know and benefit from the same business relationships that I did. Starting here with credit repair working with a hand selected and very unique service fulfillment team to get results on your personal credit. No matter the current condition. Get started today on the journey to the best financial opportunities of your life.

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