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Top up and coming Real Estate Markets!!!! Ouuu I want In!!!

Is your city on this list?

If so please comment, I want to know where.

Have you noticed the growth? are you in the midst of it capitalizing off of your market?

please comment!

lets stay ahead of the curb, when we see whats coming we will be ready when it comes. that's how we win in the real estate game!

check out this informative article I found!


In the throes of the Great Recession and the subsequent recovery, large metropolises like New York City and San Francisco saw an influx of new residents. Mega-cities with strong economies were the first to rebound from the downturn, making them attractive to those seeking well-paying jobs and vibrant surroundings.

Since 2016, however, a new migration trend has emerged: Residents in expensive, overheated primary markets have their eye on thriving secondary markets—and some are making the move to these small cities and satellite towns. Over the next 5 years, PwC projects that the populations of New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles will grow at a rate of just 0.2%; while Phoenix, Charleston, and Boise will increase at the significantly faster rate of 1.6%. Much of the migration is from the coasts to the middle of the country, where job and population growth are booming, and a lower cost of living means that residents’ and investors’ dollars go significantly farther.

So, which secondary markets will attract residents’ interest in the year ahead—and how can investors and property managers stay a step ahead of this trend? We evaluated hundreds of cities across the country to form our list of 50 secondary markets to watch in 2019. We utilized a range of measures that reflect qualities that appeal to residents and investors, from growth in job opportunities and property values to cost of living indexes and rent-to-income ratios. The cities that we’ve selected are those that balance projected growth for investors with affordability for residents—a necessary combination for sustainable growth.

Up-and-Coming Real Estate Markets to Watch in 2019

Tier I Cities

Compared to the rest of the country, the emerging real estate markets that we’ve named our best bets for growth in 2019 are:

Gaining residents twice as fast Gaining jobs more than twice as fast 4 years younger on average Seeing home values grow 50% faster Staying affordable for residents—the average cost of living index is on par with the national average Seeing 20% faster rent growth than the rest of the country—enough to help property managers and owners turn a profit, but not enough to scare renters into moving or buying homes at a faster rate than usual Located largely in the southern half of the country, particularly Florida and Texas


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