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Lets Manifest our Picture Perfect Lives All 2020!!!

How? By scripting Daily!!!

First of all, we must Identify what our picture-perfect life even looks cause sadly most of us don't even know what we truly want out of life nor have we mapped out the road we're going to take to get there.

Just like when you put that address in your google maps, all destinations need to first be mapped out, once mapped we then can efficiently navigate to our destinations. similarly, our mind is like that map, hmmm yes our own personal mind map, it is the navigation tool that leads us down the road of life, however, it's up to you to decide the road traveled.

Will your mind map lead you down a bumpy road full of detours dead ends potholes?

Of course, it will when not properly set or attuned, all because you simply have not programmed it to do anything else, it's haphazardly navigating on its own since you have not consciously been intentional and pertinacious about telling it where you want to go from start to finish, only then will you be lead down the road of least resistance, a road smoothly paved or better yet paved with gold where everywhere you step the red carpet is laid out for you, imagine as you stroll everything you desire shows up on your path at the perfect time in the perfect way always! That would be the ideal riiiight?

Of course, we would love the road paved with gold. Well, how can we become the alchemists that we truly are and take a sharp detour off these bumpy dead-end roads to that road paved with gold???

Our mind maps must be fined tuned with precision, like Waze, avoiding all speed traps potholes, dead ends, only traveling on the road of least resistance.

Its simple, map out envision your final destination be conscious, intentional, pertinacious in creating the life you desire!

First, do you believe thoughts create things? Many call it the law of attraction.

If So you believe you have the power to create and mold your destiny by utilizing your mind map as the tool that it is, even if you don't believe this concept what if it had an inkling of the truth? what if you can actually mind map your destiny (destination) like google maps? wouldn't it be worth a try, in order to avoid the bumpy road, if there was any chance you had the power to do so?

Ok good now we are all in agreeance lets work towards mind mapping down the road of least resistance, let's start with the here and now.

Jot down the stops you'd like to make along this beautifully paved gold road and see it in your mind's eye! cause you will only see what you can see!!!

I want you to (write down) the different monumental events you see yourself visiting, while on this road called life. For example here are 8 areas of focus we must consider when scripting our picture-perfect lives.

We must find a way to create balance among these areas of life I've listed below, so build upon them! Together they will bring harmony to your picture-perfect life.

They are 1)Career/Business 2)Finances and wealth. 3) Friends and Family, 4)fun, recreation, and entertainment, 5) health and fitness, 6) Love life, 7) personal/spiritual development 8) one's physical environment.

Write them down and expound on them, how do you envision each area of life?

They will be part of your divine experience write them down, script them out as if you are writing the story of your life and on a daily basis add the details you'd like to experience in that area of life how can you make each experience more fulfilling and eventful?

Write it, add to it read it every day and move on the next event and do the same add to it write it and read and revisit it daily and watch these events unfold before your eyes just as you have written!

Remember, no matter how bumpy and disastrous your current road may seem it's only a temporary pit stop, you have the power in this moment of now to set your mind map and allow it to navigate you to your envisioned final destination, you have the power to be the Alchemist and turn that dirt road into one paved with gold.

yours truly


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